Bernina Toolbox Complete Bundle


Create and edit embroidery designs, lettering and monograms where and whenever you want.

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Product Description

With the BERNINA Toolbox bundle, you have access to more than 600 different embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud that you can download and comprehensively edit both on your computer or directly in the BERNINA cloud using your tablet or portable device.

Comprehensive editing of embroidery patterns
Change the entire pattern or just sections of it
Combine, rotate, duplicate, change colors
Mirror, enlarge, reduce

Embroider individually designed inscriptions
100 alphabets to choose from
6 text shapes, such as arched or circular
5 two-tone fonts
Various decorative elements and frames

Monograms for personalization
15 specially designed alphabets
10 monograms for very small lettering
1 to 3-letter monograms
More than 60 decorative elements and frames