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Bernina Q-matic Longarm Quilting Automation System


Product Description

  • -matic is a computerised quilting system that will fulfil your automated quilting needs in just a few simple steps.
    Whether stitching out simple edge-to-edge designs or intricate custom patterns, your way to an original masterpiece will be extremely easy.
    Q-matic includes hardware and software which allows full automation of the quilting process.

8 Things You’ll Love
– One-touch quick belt release system
– Simple switch between automated and freehand quilting
– Compact belt drive system (stepper motor with planetary gear)
– 21.5”all-in-one touch PC with Windows 10 Pro & WiFi connectivity
– Sewhead interaction functions
– More than 600 designs included
– Import any non-proprietary design formats through Art & Stitch, .dxf and/or .bqm directly to Q-matic
– Art & Stitch quilt design & digtizing software included

21.5” Full HD touch screen
Over 260 free patterns included
Art & Stitch quilt design digitizing software included
Simple switch between automated and freehand quilting
Sew head interaction functions
Import .bqm and .dxt file formations