Bernina Q24 Long Arm With Classic Frame

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Product Description

The BERNINA Q 20 and Q 24 are designed, engineered, and assembled in Switzerland.

Picture: BERNINA Q 20 / Q 24 on Frame

Choose your desired longarm quilting machine and frame for free-motion quilting purposes.
The BERNINA Q 20 and Q 24 are BERNINA’s high-end longarm quilting machines and differ in the length of the longarm.

Choose the BERNINA Q 20, if you want to realize delicate stitches on your big quilting dreams.

Choose the BERNINA Q 24, if you want to realize the biggest quilting dreams you can imagine. Due to the simplicity of the machine and frame design this quilting system has the largest usable quilting space in the 24-inch category.

Both longarm quilting machines are available on one of BERNINA’s two quilt frames – “Small” or”Classic”.

From the very first stitch, you will appreciate the thought behind every detail.


Perfect free-motion stitches

  • Achieve perfect stitches with the integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulation
  • Keep the stitch length consistent at any speed
  • Stay flexible with three regulation modes
  • Simple customizing via the machine’s touch screen
  • Precise sensing of machine/fabric movement with dual sensors



Unique user interface

  • Simple navigation via color touch screen
  • Totally customizable
  • Stitch counter, five user profiles, built-in tutorials and help functionalities



Easy threading and bobbin winding

  • Thoughtfully positioned spool holders and forward threading path are easy to reach and simple to follow
  • On-board bobbin winder (M Class bobbin) makes it convenient to wind coordinating bobbin threads for your projects, independent of machine operation

Unique programmable, fully adjustable handles

  • Fully, 8-way adjustable handles for your comfort
  • Quilt in your perfect position
  • Individually programmable buttons to Keep your frequently used functions at your fingertips

Unique digital tension control

  • Exclusive tension system with numeric tension settings making it very easy to use a wide range of thread types with success
  • No external tension assembly required
  • Presser foot tension release for threading ease



Fast and precise stitching

  • High speed precision stitching for hand-guided quilting with up to 2,200 stitches per minute
  • Complete more quilts more quickly than ever

Enhanced visibility

  • 50 bright LED lights along the length of the machine and above the needle
  • Illuminate your quilt for enhanced visibility


  • Fully operated from the front
  • Dual handwheels (front and back) for easy manual needle positioning
  • Front handwheel is disengaged when using the electronic needle positioner



Lisa H. Calle, Longarm Quilt Artist

With a degree in Textile Management and Marketing, Lisa H. Calle soon began to explore the “other” side of textiles . . . the artistic side. She fell in love with quilting in 1997 and discovered longarm quilting in 2004. Her award-winning original designs have opened the door to teaching opportunities so that others can learn from her art and skills.

“Once you drive a BERNINA longarm, you never want to drive anything else.”


Picture: BERNINA Q 20 / Q 24 on Frame

BERNINA Longarm Accessories

BERNINA offers a wide range of longarm accessories, which fit your long arm quilting machines and  your frame.




Frame: Strength and Style in Three Sizes

For excellent quilting results, we have developed an ideal, high-quality frame which is available in two different sizes (Classic/Small). All frames are constructed from anodised aluminium for a light weight yet sturdy frame that can handle the weight, size and speed of the BERNINA Longarm machines with ease.

Frame Classic Small
Size (length & depth) 12′ × 3.9′
3.60 × 1.2 m
9′ × 3.9′
2.75 × 1.2 m
Leader 120” / 10’
ca. 3.07 m
83” / 6.9’
ca. 2.12 m
Adjustable working height 35” to 47”
0.9 to 1.2 m
35” to 47”
0.9 to 1.2 m
Total weight* 330 to 508 lbs
150 to 230 kg
330 to 508 lbs
115 to 120 kg
Number of legs 6 4
Hydraulic height optional not available